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Jazakumu lah for this amazing school for our kids, it is very hard to find schools that teach kids and but that much time and attention into each student. I pray and hope you keep up the good work.
Ahmed Nur
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Dear I.E.G.Center

We would like to express our thanks for teaching our son Hamza M Arale how to read and write Qur'an. As you know Hamza started I.E.G. Center school less the one school year as a beginner of the Arabic alphabet and quickly exceeded to putting words together. We were really surprised when Hamza shows us that he knows the important part of Arabic syllables.

Specifically we would like to thank you for the several occasions that you convinced us that Hamza will succeed in short period of mastering his first grade of the curriculum while we were in doubt.

Not only were you and school teachers "Mo'alim Nabil" teaching your student pen-man ship and writing skills you were teaching them self confidence, discipline and caring other people. Hamza is looking forward to start next grade, and he also convinced his younger sister Sarah to come with him.

Thanks you so much for all you extra efforts with our children.
Assalamu Alaikum,

Umma Abdi Rahman,
Umma Abdi Rahman,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to this center and especially Sh. Bashir Mohammed Nur Qawi for his tremendous efforts. He continuously exceeds the communities expectations of what a Imam is like Masha' Allah. He has read Quran on myself and some close family members who were ill and we could not be anymore thankful then we are. Quran recitations take place right after fajir and Sh. Bashir is always on time and in a great mood regardless of how tired and over whelmed he is. Alhamdulillah we have gained great health from the Quran recitations and so have our close friends and family. We would also like to thank I.E.G.C for providing our youth, community and adults with Islamic guidance, education and advice about how we should lead our lives and for providing astounding mentorship!

Jizakallah Khair 

Sh. Bashir and I.E.G.C
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Assalamu Alaikum

I am a mother and Sh. Bashir Mohammed Nur Qawi has taught my children Quran and Islamic etiquettes; and I would Like to thank him for this. I am very appreciative of the knowledge that he has provided with my children. He truly is fantastic and is by far a better teacher then most that I have seen. Furthermore, Allah has provided him with the knowledge to recite Quran on the ill Masha Allah. Masha Allah, He also has a vivacious personality which attracts everyone in the community. He puts so much effort into building our community and the spirits of our youth. I.E.G.C has welcomed me and my children time and time again and we are so very happy to be a part of this cause. This hard working man posses such a big and clean heart, May Allah S.W. bless him in this Duniya and the Akhira. May Allah truly bless Sh. Mohammed Nur Qawi for raising such a fine young man ,Ameen. Insha Allah, May Allah SW make Masjid Ar-rowda a place of love, partnership, respect and harmony where all Muslims can go to gain Allah's knowledge and spread the word of Islam. Ameen, Ameen, Ammen ya Rabil' Alameen.

salama Alaykum,

A Thankful Parent.

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Salama Alaykum,

I just wanted to say I love comming to the quran classes to study. Jizakallah khair teachers for teaching me.

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Assalaamu Alaikum

As a Concerned father I came to Sh. Bashir to seek advice about the life my sons were leading and he provided me with a clear understanding of what the youth are dealing with in this country. I was able to open my eyes and better relate with my kids after getting this advice. I am very thankful to Sh. Bashir and this masjid for everything. Jizakallah Khayru.

Jama K.
We estimate this is about correct for the dish angular area. Here is an excel spreadsheet to do the math. Jama K.

I was having trouble with the payments of the classes and I.E.G.C was so very understanding. They helped me to set up a payment schedule and I was able to keep up with it. Alhamdulillah. Thank you.
Make sure the app you want to download is clean and legit. Hassan

Assalaamu Alaikum

A Masjid is suppose to provide children with knowledge. This knowledge includes foundation of Islam such as Tawheed, salat, quran and the way in which an individual is suppose to behave as a Muslim. A Masjid is suppose to provide guidance for its students, it's community and the parents of the community so that they can know the correct way to bring up their children in accordance to Islam. A masjid is suppose to be a resting place for the Muslim to go to and make ibada. A place filled with calmness and clarity where you come to worship your creator. It is the house of Allah SW and it is to constantly be tidy and clean. A Masjid is a suppose to be a place where the poor, the rich and the middle class man are all equal. A place where no one should feel any less than the next person because they are praying to the same creator. It should be a place where everyone is humbled and is filled with joy to see his or her Muslim brothers and sisters. A place where the Imam and the teachers are respected and are loved because of the continues efforts they make to help the people that come to the Masjid. I truly believe that I.E.G.C is all that and more. I.E.G.C has met all the requirements of what a Masjid is and should be in my book. Thank you for being all that and much more, thank you to all the teachers, volunteers, and youth who continue to strive to go above and beyond every day. I always look forward to visiting and resting at this Masjid. Lastly, a Masjid is also the responsibility of the community not just the teachers and employees. It is our job as Muslims to keep it running and constantly give generously so it could continue being the shining start in our community.

Salama alaykum

Samiya warsamee.
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Diintuu quweeyaa, Dadkana wuu Daweeya oo waa Dayax la so diray.
Ducada iyo duruusta wuu sii dareeshaa, wax taa u dabataal Daa'im sii dulqaad baddan, dambigiisa Alle dhaaf waa Dayax la soo diray.
Hooyadi bal dihatay dadabtedu waa Jano Insha Allah, Daahir weeye nabad jacel.
Daganow Bashiiro waanu kuu duceenee durdurada Fardowsa, Niciima, iyo Roda, kawsar oo ka sii wacan Rabigaagu kuu door.
Inankaaga diiriye kaaba sii dun ficane waa curad la dawaado, inta kaba dambeysaa dahab weeye qurux badaan waa kuwaa dadkiisii!

Dumar ugu horeyay, Ayaaney daryeelay Daxay weye nuuraya. Sul-Jilaal ku sii Sey, Ishu kaa daboolane walaal ee mahada daabaco degdeg ugu shakuur Alle.

walaalo Suhur.


Assalaamu Alaikum

Sh. Bashir and the other teachers have been teaching my children Quran for so long and they have learned so much Masha Allah. My children love this Masjid so thank you for everything you people do.


Assalaamu calaykum

I was very sick when I came to Ar-rowda masjid. I had sihir done on me and I was having so much trouble just getting through my days. I came in worried, confused and uncertain of my condition. I came to speak to Sh. Bashir because I did not think I was sick at all but instead thought I just needed advice about how to practise my deen. As time passed, Sh. Bashir advised me to just sit in on one of his Tuesday night Quran recitations. I figured why not? and so I did. To my surprise I ended up crying and screaming once the Quran was read. I was shocked but thankful that I had found out I was ill before my condition worsened. Sh. Bashir has been reading Quran on me now for nearly seven months and I have seen such an improvement in my health. I have no idea how I can ever repay him. Alhamdulilah Allah has granted me health and I hope Allah Grants him with whatever he desires, Ameen.

salama Alaykum

I was new to the Masjid Ar-Rowda a few months ago and had decided to become apart of the community because i was told so much about the Imam. People had praised him so often i figured I should come by to the juma-salat and listen to the qudba. I instantly fell in love with people and the Imam( sh. Bashir Mohamed Nur Qawi) was so approachable unlike other Imams in Toronto. After introducing him to my children and husband he told us that the masjid also offers an Ontario based curriculum for grades Jk to Eight grade. This was truly good news for my family and I and of course I took advantage of it and immidiately enrolled my children. I am very happy to say that my children are thriving in their classes and the teachers are very attentive to them. Sheikh Bashir also keeps me well informed about their progress which I find very helpful.

Samiya Abidulrahman and Ismail W.
Samiya Abidulrahman and Ismail W.


My children are enrolled in the intensive summer tutoring for math and science; grades ten and eleven and have truly benefited so much from it. My older son says that he really likes the teacher that teaches the class. I just want to thank mocalim Hassan and Mohamed for excelling in their jobs as teachers and helping my child succeed in their studies.

Jizakallahu khair.

uma Ameen.
uma Ameen.